MARK THE DATE: Roundtable discussion: Experiences of Chinese journalists reporting in Africa – Wednesday 18 August 2021

NEXT WEEK: Join Dr. Cliff Mboya (Africa Editor, China-Africa Project) who will be joined by three Chinese journalists with extensive experience working in Africa and covering Africa-China relations: Liam Lee (Takungpao), Shen Shiwei (CGTN) and Wang Wenwen (Global Times), who will discuss their experiences… Continue Reading


由金山大学中非报道项目组织的线上研讨: 如何在非洲从事野生动物保护话题的调查报道 2020年9月29日(周二)非洲中部时间下午2点整(北京时间晚上8点整) 黄泓翔将分享他自己第一次走进非洲并调查象牙、犀牛角贸易的经历,为大家介绍非洲的野生动物保护问题,以及中国人在其中的角色,为大家进行相关的新闻调查提供参考。