WATCH: Madagascar-China Cooperation: The Anosiala hospital and the infusion COVID-19

First published by Madagascan journalist Andriamisandratsoa Herizo in EDU Press as part of the Public Health Reporting Grants series.

Currently, the relationship between Madagascar and China has lasted for more than forty years. Various acts of diplomacy and significant cooperation have marked its history. Despite the existence of a strong French diplomacy, the stability of this diplomacy is a real challenge. It is very specific in health cooperation. As proof, as part of this cooperation, China has built the Anosiala University Hospital Center and Madagascar is in charge of its management. However, the pandemic covid-19 put that into challenge.

In the fight against this dangerous disease, Madagascar requisitioned this hospital and launched its own infusion COVID-19 organics. In this context, synchronized events such as diplomatic actions and public actions compete. Diplomatic and public acts have turned into acts of hospital officials and reactions of patients. Even if the management of those in charge was successful and the reception of the patients was warm, anguish overwhelmed them both. On the spot, diplomatic strategy turns then into anxiety.

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