CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking Journalism Training Workshop, July 2019

The Africa-China Reporting Project (the Project) at Wits Journalism and partners Khetha (WWF) and VukaNow (USAID) invite journalists who report on wildlife poaching and trafficking from countries in Southern Africa (see specific countries below) to submit applications to participate in the Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking Journalism Training Workshop that will take place in South Africa in July 2019.

See How to apply below.

The Workshop will focus on community engagement and conducting impactful reporting, and will provide training on investigative reporting techniques, the trafficking supply chain to and demand in Asia, and innovative methods for community and public engagement in understanding and fighting wildlife poaching and trafficking. Preference will be given to applicants with proposals for investigations focusing on community development and innovative solutions regarding the poaching of rhinos and elephants and the illegal trade of these species. Exceptions can be made for investigations on lions and pangolins, depending on the nature of the story.

The Workshop will take place during the first or second week of July 2019 in Johannesburg and at the Southern African Wildlife College near Mbombela, Mpumalanga province. Applications are open to journalists from South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Angola and Malawi. Applications will be considered from journalists with various levels of experience and from different geographical landscapes e.g. citizen journalists from rural communities and urban-based journalists, etc.

The Workshop will include a networking cocktail event with newspaper editors and media professionals in Johannesburg, and possibly engagement with communities surrounding the Kruger National Park as well as staff and officials involved with conservation and anti-poaching efforts.

After the Workshop selected participating journalists will be provided with a reporting grant to conduct the investigation they presented at the Workshop; selected journalists will also be invited to present their investigations at the Africa-China Journalists Forum that will take place at the African Investigative Journalism Conference at Wits University in October 2019.

How to apply

Please address your email to [email protected] with the heading APPLICATION: POACHING & TRAFFICKING WORKSHOP; include the following items (as attachments in MS Word or PDF formats) by no later than 26 May 2019:

  • Applicant CV, and list of previous journalism reporting, include if available any previous reporting on wildlife poaching and trafficking
  • Proposal for wildlife poaching and trafficking story to be investigated in the countries mentioned above, with a clear proposed headline at the start, a brief description of the article concept and objectives, and a brief report of WHAT will be investigated and HOW, including an indication of the relevance to community engagement/impact/solutions to wildlife poaching and trafficking related to rhinos and elephants in the countries mentioned above
  • The proposal should also include:
    • Indication of where the investigation will be published
    • A detailed budget for the investigation to be conducted after the Workshop with specific line items totaling no more than US$1,500

For any further questions please contact the Project team at [email protected]


  1. This is a good workshop especially with revelations that Africa has lost an estimated 600-700 Rhinos to poaching since 2007 to date with Zambia having lost a paltry three of the total. More interesting is that worldwide ban on exports of ivory for endangered species like elephant ivory by the US. Zambia, like its neighbors, Zimbabwe, among others are stuck with piles of ivory confiscated from suspected poachers valued at over US$100 million, revenue which if allowed to generate, could have helped the country resolve some of the urgent problems including the country’s impending US$10.5 billion external debt, representing 30 percent of China’s share……..I will indeed be ready to attend the workshop if selected by the organisers. This, if allowed to attend will boost my interest in this subject which I have closely followed.
    Jeff Kapembwa—Zambia

  2. Indeed this is a very good workshop which I cannot afford to miss. My country Zambia is endowed with animals Elephants among them but poaching is taking away our God given gifts as natural resources. And despite government making strides in improving the tourism sector our animals are diminishing. Areas such as the Bangweulu wetlands and Flood plains the home of shoebill stock, Hippos and elephants is where poaching is rampant. Therefore if allowed to attend this the nation and other nations surrounding Zambia will know what has been happening.

  3. Give me a chance to be part of this workshop please. This is what I have been looking for and I cant wait. My name is Patrick Dambula from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

  4. I am looking forward to this workshop. I hope my proposal will be considered. The ACRP i attended in Ethiopia was really enriching.

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